From the recording Country

Written by Brion James 100%
Performed by Brion James
Michael B James ASCAP #336454755
Naked Soul Music ASCAP #338938126
Copyright 2019


You can hold me close and tell me all the words I want to hear
you can tell me all my crazy doubts are gonna disappear
you can look into my eyes and swear this time it’s true
but I’ve heard this before so I’m gonna take my time with you

if I give in tonight we’ll you know it’s gotta be right

I don’t want your love, I don’t want it
If your heart ain’t in it
I don’t want your love, I don’t need it
until I know that you mean it

When it comes to me you always know just what to say
and with one touch I feel like I could give myself away

If I trust you tonight gotta know it’s gonna be right
If I open the door can we make it better than before

And I dream of what we could be
in my heart lovin’ you lovin’ me
by your side every night and day
I will stay, cause I don’t want your love

’til I know that you mean it
’til I know that you can feel it baby